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LandDev: A cloud-based Land Development Project Management System.

LandDev has been developed from the ground-up for the land development community. This system gives land developers an unprecedented level of control and accountability to an industry segment that has been largely ignored.... or poorly serviced!

LandDev is a cloud-based database based system, meaning all data is efficiently stored in one database using the Microsoft Office product line. LandDev automates and integrates Excel and Outlook applications in an exciting, leading-edge way with a clear, concise user interface.

Some of the Features and Benefits are listed below, but the main benefits are increased management control, better visibility of the land development process and enhanced management of all the information that needs to be gathered and reported - from budgeting (various levels) to budget approval, submitting bid requests to the awarding of bids, invoice approval to exporting to an accounting system for checking paying. It has it's own Scheduling system and integrates with Excel for input and reporting. The system helps developers implement a true "Management by Exception" system through the use of Variance control. The system makes it easy for managers to interact with problems in the field in a controlled fashion based on a solid well-established plan.

LandDev brings together all the tools necessary to manage information, develop budgets, compare budgets, send out and compare bids for development and a host of other operations essential to oversee and communicate to all the various parties involved with maintaining and enhancing land value.

The LandDev system offers the following key benefits - the ability to:

+ Implement a "Best Practices" methodology for running your business.
+ Manage information related to assemblages of land parcels during the acquisition process and track/report the information
+ Establish budgets with "Management by Exception" control of changes.
+ Control the bidding and contracting process within the limits of approved budgets.
+ Progress pay contractors per system-controlled contracts with no overpayments possible
+ Establish job schedules, track progress and control schedule changes
+ Track all documents related to jobs including blueprints, permits, contracts, etc
+ Control invoices received from contractors in paper, fax, or electronic formats.
+ Have a forward look at cash needs and plan for them.
+ Track bank loans and prepare draw requests in a highly automated manner.
+ Get Organized and get all information regarding jobs "Under One Roof" and be able to track, report upon and communicate to others
+ Use modern technology and benefit from the productivity improvements it brings - expand the business without expanding the overhead.

LandDev is the ideal, cost-effective tool, to enable all parties involved with these land acquisition / development endeavors to oversee all the activities and information needed to enhance the value of the investments.

LandDev is available in a "cloud computing" arrangement where we host the system and your data, perform all critical data backup, provide needed IT support and make the system available on a month-to-month basis (no long term contracts!) based upon the number of users accessing the system. The system is extremely scalable to accommodate changes in your business — growing a little or or a lot.