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How Social Media Platforms Can Increase Sales!


Unlike most companies within the land development and home building industry, Red Door Homes’ owner, Art Goldammer, 36, of Bismarck, ND, is embracing social media platforms to remain fresh in the mind of prospective buyers, “Facebook , Pinterest, Trulio, our blog, Instagram (Reddoorhomesnd).

We are heavily into social media. Actually 20% of our sales come from online. We bring them to the website and keep them interested with interactive tools,” explains Goldammer, a rare youngling in the industry.


Resourcefulness and self-sacrifice have been Goldammer’s mantra for the last 15 years. At the age of 21 he took a serious look at his future within a cubical and behind a desk and decided to strike out on his own. Not coming from an entrepreneurial family, he taught himself the ropes, gleaning from experiences along the way to build Red Door Homes into what it is today; a company with about 30 employees, carrying a 2-year supply of finished contracts.

“We started with additions, remodels and some customs. Credit was tough to obtain at my age so I slowly established myself,” explains Goldammer, who has built all of his deals on integrity, never defaulting on a single loan.  As a result, he is able to rely upon a staggering 100% of bank financed projects, which is unheard of in post-recession building.


How did his company survive the recession? “I didn’t pay myself for two years; I bartended nights and weekends to push through. In 2011, I asked myself ‘Should I keep doing this?’” The answer was a resounding “Yes!” that has reverberated through all of his efforts. 

With the industry having changed significantly over the last several years, Goldammer decided to expand and venture into land development. “We got to a point where land developers were asking so much for finished lots, that we started doing it ourselves about three years ago.  Land development is much easier; there is more risk, but easier.”

Art Goldammer, Red Door Homes


Take a look at their Pinterest site or Houzz site.


Having relied on spreadsheets for years, he is now enjoying the relative ease and reliability of the Tract-PIE Suite. “This has been cool. I looked and came across Tract-PIE through a consultant, then went to their website and scheduled a demo with Ted (Stearns). Since then, I’ve analyzed 4 deals; it’s (the software) good on time, but what I appreciate most is that it puts it (the information) into language that people understand. The banks understand this language, but I need private equity people to understand.” 

In terms of social media marketing, Goldammer grasps the importance of modern markets and keeps someone on staff to maintain their various platforms. “We maintain a web presence to stay fresh in the minds of people. When someone buys a house, we mention it on Facebook.” In an effort to establish lasting relationships within the community, he steers away from onslaught marketing on these platforms, “We offer home tips, but stay away from sales pitches.”

While few of his generation were able to remain active through the recession, Art Goldammer of Red Door Homes, is growing on his foundation of integrity and innovation and changing the face of land development and home building, one project at a time.